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Becoming a SocialMixLA member is your first step in enjoying access to regular networking events, workshops and our red carpet events. While some people spend small fortunes on marketing and advertising they are missing the obvious: one of the best ways to grow your business is by expanding your social media network! Making connections with likeminded individuals can result in continuous expansion and new opportunities for your enterprise.

Do you ever get tired of sending out resumes and photocards only to never hear back from them because your documents probably ended up on a pile with all those other people? Being a model, actress or actor, designer, artist or musician can be tough. We know from experience that if you want to leave a good first impression, you have to be able to get that impression delivered to someone in charge. This is where your SocialMixLA membership comes into place because our events gets you close to directors, managers, agents, writers, casting directors and producers. Can you afford to miss this opportunity or will you get back into the drivers seat and take your career to the next level?


silver membership

gold membership

platinum membership 

Express Entry (dedicated line)
Walk the Red Carpet *
VIP Area (non-hosted bar)
Reserved Table (no bottle)
Reserved Table w/Bottle * (four events)
One VIP Guest Ticket * (per event)
One Complimentary Drink *
Membership recognition
Company logo placed on Step & Repeat * (four events)
Company hashtag used for event Social Media Wall * (four events)
General Admission to ALL SMLA events INCLUDED except NYE
On-going SMLA email updates on Members-only events and special offers
Invitations to parties, networking, and other special events.

Please Note: Membership is individual and not transferable from one person to another. Dues are non-refundable. Membership dues are not prorated throughout the year (except for new members as noted below). The TNN membership dues year is based on the calendar year (January 1 - December 31). IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Blackout dates (i.e. NYE, Special Engagements, Etc.) will apply and are usually noted on event page. Cardholders may or not have the same vip privileges as regular events.  I agree and understand that the event management, has the right to refuse and/or cancel my membership for any reason, including any misconduct or disturbance on my part, or the part of my guest, while on the premises. I further agree to be bound by all rules and regulations promulgated by management. The rules and regulations may be changed at any time.

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